Revolution Industrial Services, LLC is a family-owned industrial contractor established in 2015. From its location north of Green Bay in Lena, Wisconsin, Revolution serves the industrial market in Northeast Wisconsin.

Industrial Contractor

Revolution specializes in equipment and machinery maintenance, moving, erecting, installing, rebuilding, modifying, and alignment. Additionally, Revolution relocates machine shops and converting plants and custom fabricates carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Lastly, Revolution provides expert consulting and constructability analysis.

Relationships Drive Success

Beginning as a grassroots start-up in the owner’s backyard, Revolution Industrial Services grew 100% through relationships. Based on a leadership model that puts people first, Revolution creates deep, meaningful relationships at all levels of the business. Since its unpretentious launch in 2015, Revolution has grown to a team of over 50 workers who are passionate about what they do.

Mission Statement: Market Leaders

Revolution Industrial Services is committed to developing our people first and foremost. We believe that if we do this with passion and enthusiasm, our people will be market leaders at building deep, meaningful relationships with customers and industry peers. These relationships will be the foundation for the success of our business.

Vision Statement: Unwavering Passion

Revolution Industrial Services will be a local company that is known and respected for its deep-rooted value of people and relationships, expertise in the industry, a culture that is family-based and an unwavering passion to never stop improving.

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Revolution Industrial Services is a Northeast Wisconsin-based industrial contractor providing machinery installation, relocation, alignment, and maintenance, plus custom carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel fabrication. How can we meet your industrial contracting needs? Contact us to discuss your project today.

Industrial contractor serving the industrial sector of Northeast Wisconsin. Well-established contractor devoted to the leadership model that puts people first.


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